Agapé Ireland - Inspiring Faith, Supporting Students, Building Community.

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Inspiring people to discover Jesus.

Agapé is a movement committed to introducing people to Jesus and training Christians to have a public faith. We want to build effective teams and, developing solid resources, take the initiative to deliver the life changing invitation to know God.


Encouraging questions, respecting each other & creating craic:

Curiosity welcomed

There has been a lot of misinformation about the who, what, why of Jesus. Everyone has questions. Agapé supports the right of Irish people to explore the Gospel of Jesus for themselves. 

Your thoughts matter

Regardless of your background or how qualified you feel to jump into faith conversations, we believe that every person should be treated with respect and dignity. We care about listening, not just talking. 

Fun is essential

Faith feels deep and heavy sometimes, and we think fun matters too! Our community is built on a motivation for laughter, discussion, and good times.



Agapé offers support to students and helps them navigate the complexities of student life. Together we help students from all backgrounds to discover and explore faith in Jesus.



Weekly events are asking big questions and making connections that form community. Retreats are about getting away from it all to clear the head and warm the heart. And summer calls for travel and new experiences as we journey together.



At Agapé, we love it when helpful tools and inspiring books find their way to right person at the time that suits them best. We’ve built a library of resources to do just that!

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For Students

Students starting conversations about the who, what, how, and why of Jesus in universities across Ireland. Thoughts on life and faith? Agapé wants to hear it. Our events run discussion about spiritual things, alongside good craic and community.


Agapé in Dublin

Agapé is working in partnership with others to make Jesus known in Ireland. We run training events for Christians interested in living a public faith, we network with others who share our passion, and we innovate to meet the needs of our neighbours.

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Our core values

Making Jesus Known

For over 50 years we have been inspiring people to discover Jesus together. As the Irish arm of an international charity, active in over 190 countries, we’re bringing people together to make Jesus known.

Agapé has been actively reaching influencers to encounter Jesus. We believe through discovering the Gospel together our lives and communities experience transformational change.

Christ Centred

Agapé is centred on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore these inform our strategy, vision, and mission.

Bible Based

We base our understanding of life on what the Bible says.


Agapé values taking the initiative and is committed to seeing movements of spiritual multiplication.


Agapé believes in people and enjoys working with them. We value trust and respect.


Agapé values transparency and accountability in all aspects of our work, with a commitment to integrity.


Agapé seeks to collaborate with others. Come partner with us!


From our people:

Agapé has been discovering Jesus with people through our work with students, events, projects and trainings. 

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