What does each day of walking look like?

You start your day around 8:00 am with a light breakfast, then with your pilgrim’s passport in hand, head out on the trail! There are cafes along the way to stop for a mid-afternoon coffee and for stamps to put into your pilgrim’s passport. You’ll need at least two stamps per day if you want to get your certificate at the end of the journey. Lunch will be on your own terms – you get to pick where and when you eat. An afternoon ice cream? You can do that, too!

Arrival to the B and B will be around 16h (4:00 pm). You can rest, have a shower, write your thoughts for the day in your journal, check out the local village, have a cold beer with your fellow pilgrims etc. At 19h (7:00pm) there will be a guided discussion time. Dinner will be at 20h (8:00pm). Then its time for a good night’s sleep. 

What happens to my luggage?

We will have a support vehicle so you won’t have to carry all your stuff with you as you walk. We do recommend a day backpack/rucksack for carrying water, pilgrims guidebook, pilgrims passport, tissues – those kinds of items.

What about arrival and departure?

Arrive by 16:30h (4:30 pm) on Saturday June 1st. We recommend the Aer Lingus flight EI 742 leaving from Dublin at 13:05h and arriving to Santiago de Compostela at 16:20h. All of your arrangements will be taken care of upon arrival until the day of departure. If you have any questions about traveling to and from Spain, we’d be more than happy to help answer them, and give you suggestions if you’d like. 

What do I pack? Click Here
  • A good pair of walking shoes (we suggest comfortable runners)
  • A pair of flip-flops or comfortable sandals for evenings
  • A hoodie/sweatshirt – the evenings cool down a bit and the mornings can be quite chill
  • A rain poncho
  • Comfortable trousers/jeans for evenings
  • Outdoor active gear – quick drying shirt, shorts or track bottoms for walking
  • Hat
  • Pen
  • Journal
  • Phone charger and european plug adapter
  • A few pairs of socks – we recommend two layer socks
  • Personal prescription medication
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, face wash, face cream, etc)

Where will we be staying?

Each night we are booked into B and B’s along the Camino path. One of our favourite spots is a rural house in the picturesque town of Portomarín where we can enjoy looking out over the vineyards toward the River Miño and sip wine from those same vines. When we arrive into Santiago de Compostela we will be staying in the Hospedería San Martin Pinario (pictured right). Clicking on the photo will take you to their webpage so you can get an idea of what the rooms are like. 

What about food?

Galicia is known for its culinary delights and we love to give pilgrims a taste of the rich Northwest Spanish cuisine. Breakfast and dinners are included in the price. Lunches are on your own. This way you get to taste as many Galician dishes you like. Coffee, ice cream, fresh fruit, wine, octopus… Lunches are about €10 for a good sized portion of food. They tend to be quite generous with their portions. If you aren’t feeling like a big sit down lunch, the bars and cafes do a variety of sandwiches. It’s up to you.