There are as many different ways to volunteer with Agapé as there are volunteers. We have a number of opportunities to be involved with Agapé. Have a look at our different programs listed here.

Graduate Program

Agape has as many opportunities to volunteer as there are graduates. Stay involved with campus ministry, join a movement on another campus as a staff volunteer or get involved with the other ministries in agape. Come have a chat with our staff about how you would like to find a shape that fits you, your skills and your timetable.

University graduates can spend a year with Agapé here in Ireland or overseas.

Contact us for more information.

Skills Program

Have you a skill you want to lend to the ministry? Get in contact with us to see how your personal abilities can be used with Agapé.


Our society has profoundly changed the way we send and receive information. Now online offers an opportunity to engage with our cities and culture. From our Live page we run campaigns about topical driven issues, taking the conversation to the universities and beyond.

The campaigns range in topics, and are run by people like you. Do you think about changing the culture you live in, asking tough questions, finding and feeding creative expression of viewpoints? Get in touch.


The internship program is designed for those who want spend a year with Agape, with field experience and training.

The internship includes:
– a hands on personal ministry of evangelism and discipline students
– training program that will equip you with skills to do this
– curriculum also includes Bible teaching, apologetics, personal planning

Interns raise support to cover their costs fort a year. Full training and coaching is given to help this process. Read more about the how and why of support raising.
For more info and a chat with our staff about the internship email us.

"While the slogan on the t-shirt is ironic, I do think that it portrays the important aspect of Christianity that is loyalty. Having experienced both the loyalty of Christ as well as that of other Christians, I think it is a vital part of New Testament teaching even though it is often overlooked by both Christians and non-Christians."

Jonny, 18, Trinity History

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"I believe there is something more, but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

But I also think that we tend to personify everything ... when you personify something then it becomes something that has power over us.

I don’t think [God] is controlling anything, or is something that has power over anything, I just think that it’s ... an energy or something ... I don’t think we have a word to describe it, but I wouldn’t want it to be human."

Roisín, 21, UCD Nutrition

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