Agapé Ireland


Our mission is to make Jesus known, and we are working to introduce people to Jesus and help christians to have a public faith. We do this through hands on training in discipleship with students, and events for all ages that train in the how, why and what of mission.

Students, Students, Students

As a christian student on campus we want to help you nurture your faith, equip you to be a christian in the student world and support you as you go do that.

We have numerous different events that might tickle your fancy. Head over to our student section for more deets.

Annual Bible Conference


We love the Bible, and like to spend focused time studying it in community. This conference is open to all who would like to join us.


We run various different events, from 1 day training courses, to retreats focused more on training. Check out our events page for what is coming up.

We love to collaborate so if you have an idea, or want some resources, please get in touch. 


We love a good resource, especially one that can be used by anyone, anywhere and at anytime.

Agapé has developed resources that we think are helpful when trying to figure out the public faith thing. Also the discipleship thing. 

Like Jesus? and training? maybe some events? Agapé could be for you.