Standing Order

Setting up Regular Giving

Setting up standing orders allows you to give regularly. Your bank will automate the payments, and you can adjust amount, date and frequency as you please.

Every cent that enters Agapé’s bank account is designated. We use a system of numbers to ensure that your money is going where you have determined for it to go. Our financial services have won awards internationally for the principle of transparency in accounting.

Download & Post a form

Download our standing order form and post it to our office to process.

Complete our Online form

Fill out our online form for a speedy result. 

Set up your own

Get our details to set up yourself with online banking.

Supporting staff

A large number of our supporters give by standing order on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. The automated payment is received in to our account and processed by our finance team. After the deduction of our 12.5% admin fee, the selected staff member’s account is credited.

Chloe Hanan

Chloe Hanan

National Campus Director

Will Johnson

Will Johnson

Campus Staff

Sean O' Ronain

Sean O' Ronain

Campus Staff

Isaac Ward

Isaac Ward

Campus Intern

Download the form

All the information you need is on the form and our office staff will file your standing order in our office and send it on to your bank.

The team will allocate you a donation number, which files your donation with the appropriate designation in our accounts.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Fill out online

Our online form is fully secure and will store your data safely. Our office team can then process your form, and will send on the information to your bank. The standing order will appear in your accounts, and can be adjusted by you at any stage with online banking access.


Online Banking 

The Do-It-Yourself section.

Here are our details for setting up a standing order yourself with online banking.

Important: You need a donation number to complete this process, and to ensure your designation. Please contact our finance team for a number.


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