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Raising support 

It is a long established fact that a ministry does not run on air. To do the work we do, we need resources. Staff need salaries. So where does the money come from? What is it like to raise support? To live on support?

Read on for the answers…


Ministry partner development

Agapé is funded by a diverse, extensive and 95% Irish donor base. Our partners in ministry are people like you, also churches too, who believe in what we are doing and have partnered with our staff to enable and empower them to achieve the goal of Making Jesus Known.

History of Funding

Our organisation started with one guy raising funds for all. This model soon became unsustainable with the growth, the system we have now sustains an international movement of over 25,000.

Philosophy of Partnering

This is a partnership of equals- givers and receivers each playing a part. Biblical principles of giving engage the heart, not just the bank account. 

Staff & Salaries

 Living on support is not a mystery, salaries are calculated so that staff are free to live, give and save. This work engages the staff to develop long lasting relationships with their partners, that strengthen their ministry. 

Building long term

Sustainability in ministry is more than just consistent funding. We want to build systems of integrity and transparency that undergird staff who are living well.


Full Time Staff

Part time staff

Cups Of Coffee

history of funding

Agapé has had staff raising support in Ireland since 1973. Support raising began a long time before that, the history is traced back to the Israelite society. God established the harmony of giving and receiving among his people. Throughout the history of the bible, the story of giving that we inherit is about God’s provision and our participation in the kingdom.

As a ministry, moving away from central funding in the early 1950s has built a functional and thriving movement over 70 years. 

Meet our staff

Our campus team works nationally with students to nurture faith and support in the complexities of student life. 

Chloe Hanan

Chloe Hanan

National Campus Director

Will Johnson

Will Johnson

Campus Staff

Sean O' Ronain

Sean O' Ronain

Campus Staff

Isaac Ward

Isaac Ward

Campus Intern

Philosophy of Partnering

Partnership is relationship where both parties feel an ownership of whatever it is that they are a part of. Whether it’s marriage, business or a sports team, a partner understands they have a special and unique role to play.

While each partner has a different role to play, each part is vital to the overall effectiveness of the partnership. A partner knows that if their bit is missing, no matter what their role might be, the whole entity suffers.

Without the prayers, money and encouragement of our supporters Agapé would not exist. We put time, effort and resources in to building a base of solid, committed supporters.

Working with Agapé offers adventures. Find out about short term, long term and overseas opportunities.

Staff & Salaries

Salaries are calculated carefully for each staff member. We have constructed a plan that defines the criteria for a staff salary. We are different to a corporation in that Agapé does not have a salary scale. Increases are added annually based on factors of need. 

Staff raise support for a period of time, supported by a coach. They don’t report to field ministry until they are funded. Their salary is sufficient that they can live, give and save. A portion of their work week is allocated to maintaining and building their partnership relationships.  


From Our staff and supporters

People have nice things to say. Here’s some of them.

“I am sure it was nerve wracking to pick up the phone and ask me for a support appointment but I am so glad they did. It really is a privilege to be a part of this work”


Support team member

“Having a team of people around me makes a big difference to the work I do. It’s much more than having a salary, it’s support in so many ways.”


Staff Member

“I have raised support since 2009. It is a system of funding that has helped me stay in full time ministry long term. It’s not for the faint hearted, but it is so worth it.”


Staff Member

“Working on the finance system in Agapé I can see every cent that comes in. Knowing that it is carefully accounted for is a big part of why I enjoy working for Agapé.”


Finance team

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