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Team work

AgapeAgapé is a non-profit organisation which is supported by individuals, groups and churches. You can support a staff member or a project, or simply allow your gift to be used where it is most needed. Many of our supporters use a monthly standing order from their bank – but you can use whatever system suits you best.

All of us on the staff, including the director, raise our own support to cover our salaries and expenses. The result is that each of us has a team of supportive partners who pray for us and feel a personal involvement in our work.

The Partnership

When you support a staff member you free them to spend their time advancing the cause of the gospel and you become a vital part of the team. Everyone is helped – the giver (who feels the satisfaction of making a significant contribution), the receiver (whose work is made possible) and those people who are encountering Jesus as a result of all this.

The Numbers

Agapé is a recognised Irish charity (number 17459). Gifts should always be made out to “Agapé” with an accompanying note specifying the staff member or project they are for. The money will then go into that account only. The staff have arranged that 12.5% of all incoming gifts is used for administration (9.5%) and to help to fund Agapé ministries in places overseas where national staff members find it difficult to raise support.

Our charity status allows us to reclaim an additional 31% from the Revenue on all gifts from Irish tax-payers. In other words, if you send €100 we will end up with €131.


Our accounts are published annually and submitted to the Companies Registration Office. We also undergo a rigorous audit by our international Agapé affiliates. The salary scale is set by the Board and is determined by age, marital status and number of children – not by position in the organisation. Our accountant is Lewis and Co, 8 Priory Hall, Stillorgan, Co. Dublin.

"While the slogan on the t-shirt is ironic, I do think that it portrays the important aspect of Christianity that is loyalty. Having experienced both the loyalty of Christ as well as that of other Christians, I think it is a vital part of New Testament teaching even though it is often overlooked by both Christians and non-Christians."

Jonny, 18, Trinity History

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"I believe there is something more, but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

But I also think that we tend to personify everything ... when you personify something then it becomes something that has power over us.

I don’t think [God] is controlling anything, or is something that has power over anything, I just think that it’s ... an energy or something ... I don’t think we have a word to describe it, but I wouldn’t want it to be human."

Roisín, 21, UCD Nutrition

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