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Google Jesus in Ireland and results show a lack of clear, accessible information about the gospel of Jesus. We want to change that.

The KnowGod Project is a new project we have launched that offers an online hub of information about knowing God.

This is a blog style website, which from our research has shown to be increasing in popularity. 


NUA Film series

We are big fans of the NUA series. It brings its viewers on a journey through exploring big questions about faith. It is beautifully shot and Irish directed. We have partnered with NUA to develop the VOKE app, a platform that hosts the videos and is available as an app.


We will be linking people to Alpha’s site, offering the chance to connect locally with Alpha groups, running their exploration of faith courses.

E Coaches

We will be providing a system of connection online called “E-coaching”. People can sign up to talk to an E-coach, who can personally answer questions. E-coaches are people who volunteer a few hours a week to answer emails. Got some free hours? Join the team. 

KnowGod Content

We have started with four simple points about the gospel of Jesus.

Topical Articles

Our team is working to develop topical articles that will feature on the site, addressing questions like “God and science” and other major questions that students have about faith. 

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