No-one in Ireland deserves to go through life without hearing how to respond to Christ. Starting with university students, and in collaboration with like-minded groups, Agapé aims to ensure that everyone gets a decent chance to become a follower of Jesus.

We’re all in this together – and here are some ways you could serve side-by side with us:


If you have a year you could spend with us this is a great way to do it. We will give you training similar to our first-year staff. You can be a significant help to us during the year and you’ll have great equipment for like at the end of it. Contact us for more information.

Full Time Staff

Staff give leadership to the movement, locally and nationally. They set the pace by showing volunteers how to make new contacts, how to explain the gospel, how to make disciples and how to multiply the volunteer’s ministry.

All that takes the best part of anybody’s working day and for that reason each staff member develops a team of ministry partners that pray for them and together commit enough financially to provide their salary, expenses and tax. Once that team is complete the staff member can be fully involved in their role with Agapé.

Staff take part in an application and interview process. We are committed to helping each applicant find their own potential, even they do not, in the end, come with us.

Associate Staff

Associate staff are just like full-time staff but have reduced hours available for Agapé work (minimum 15 hours per week). They are not salaried but they may raise support to cover expenses incurred in their work with us.

Office Staff

The full-time office staff go through the same application process, they also raise their own support and fulfil a vital role in keeping us going!


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