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At Agapé, we want to help spiritual, transformational movements to grow. And we want to empower people to address the spiritual needs of their universities, workplaces, families and cultures. God can use the influence and commitment of a few willing participants to help start a spiritual chain reaction.

You may feel that there is not much you can do to help turn the tide and start this kind of revival – but there is! Would you be willing to leave a portion of your estate to Agapé in your Will? Leaving us a legacy will mean that long after your life here is completed, you can still play a vital part with Agapé and our partners in spiritual transformation here on earth.

Email for a information pack on Legacies with Agapé. Our people will contact you personally with information of the writing or changing of your will.

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To give regularly to a staff member or project please email us for a form and return to our office at 5 Clarinda park North, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin.

"While the slogan on the t-shirt is ironic, I do think that it portrays the important aspect of Christianity that is loyalty. Having experienced both the loyalty of Christ as well as that of other Christians, I think it is a vital part of New Testament teaching even though it is often overlooked by both Christians and non-Christians."

Jonny, 18, Trinity History

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"I believe there is something more, but we haven’t figured out what it is yet.

But I also think that we tend to personify everything ... when you personify something then it becomes something that has power over us.

I don’t think [God] is controlling anything, or is something that has power over anything, I just think that it’s ... an energy or something ... I don’t think we have a word to describe it, but I wouldn’t want it to be human."

Roisín, 21, UCD Nutrition

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