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Agapé loves people. We offer a few different ways to work with us, supported by our core commitment to staff care and development.

Read on for more details.


What we do

Agapé is working to make Jesus known. We introduce people to Jesus and train Christians how to have a public faith.


No photocopying or coffee runs involved. This is a year packed with field experience and extensive training in mission.

Join Staff

Agapé has a long history of staff serving full time. We have an system of care and support that will serve you as you pursue a full time ministry.

Part time Staff

Interested in working in mission for a part of your week, month or year? Agapé wants to meet you!


We have volunteers who love to roll the sleeves up and jump in on projects, events and conferences.

Office & Operations

Our operations support the field with style and finesse. We have opportunities to join our finance, admin and support teams.


Take a year to investigate full time mission. Our internship is full speed ahead to getting you out in to the field work, while fueling you with high quality training. We love to train, and we are good at it. The year can be a great introduction to working with Agapé long term, and equally to equip you for whatever turn your career path takes.

As part of the year you will work for a month in another European Agapé movement, giving you the chance to explore another context and culture, and learn.


Learn the Field

You will get elbow deep in the real stuff out on the mission field. After you raise support you will report straight to the field. 

Grow your Faith

Agapé staff work from the centrality of their personal relationship with God. You will grow deeper in biblical studies and practice.

Learn new Skills

The year offers chances to build the strengths you have, and challenge you to try new things and build fresh skills.

Our Campus Work

Our campus team works with students from across Ireland to navigate the complexity of student life. We work to nurture students in their faith and support them as they live it out on campus.

Joining staff

If Jesus means everything to you, and helping others to experience him is important to you, Agapé has opportunities for you. 

Agapé is a movement committed to their staff, to undergirding their love for Jesus and their skills in mission. For nearly 70 years Agapé has appealed to those who want to be in the arena of mission. The organisation has been built to sustain, develop and multiply the staff person. 


Joining an international movement of mission is a big step, and we are here to help you with the questions you may have. Contact our team today about your queries. 

PArt time Staff

All of the above, with part time hours! We are flexible to make Agapé work for you. Part time staff are able to organise with their supervisor to make their role work. Your role will be supported by training, care and development.

This has been a success for our mission and for our part time staff. Get in contact if you think this could work for you.





Agapé runs projects, conferences, student events, websites, an office and more.    

Join the madness by coming on a retreat to cook, running admin for a conference or join the office team on a volunteer basis. You bring your skills, ideas and passions and we look forward to working together to make Jesus known. 

Contact us to get an idea of what this would look like for you. 

Office & Operations

Systems, finance and all things organised live in our office. Mission doesn’t happen without the team that keeps us ticking along and healthy. Agapé values building operations that last, and invests time and effort to do that.

The Operations team is central to the mission of making Jesus known. If you have a specific set of skills or a degree, this might be the place for you. Operations covers Finance management, Admin, Human Resources and Communications. There’s plenty of development to be done, and you can play a vital role in building the core of this movement. 

We are keen on providing continuous Professional Development so you can be kept up to speed professionally. Interested? Sure ask us for some details below.


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