Agapé Ireland Biblical Studies Conference 2022

12th-18th August 2022

“Exploring the Gospel in Romans”

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Venue: Dromantine Retreat and Conference Centre, Newry, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, BT34 1RH 

Join us for this year’s Biblical Studies Conference from Friday 12th to Thursday 18th August as we study Paul’s letter to the Romans. A typical day will include a time of personal devotion, study on the book of Romans, a talk on a topic affecting ministry today, and time for fellowship together. Arrive for lunch on Friday, 12th August and leave after breakfast on Thursday, 18th August.

We will be studying Paul’s Letter to the Romans over seven sessions. Our goals for the course will be:

  1. Finding the four points of the Gospel in Romans – the love of God, the sin of humankind, the centrality of the cross, the decisive element of confessing Christ 
  2. Examining the relationship between Romans and the Old Testament 
  3. Engaging with the practical take-aways of Romans 

Speakers on studying Romans include Anne Witton, Patrick Mitchel, Seán Ó’Rónáin and David Wilson.

Speakers on the life application of the Gospel include Catherine Carthy, Ruth Garvey-Williams, Honor Williamson and Nick Park.

Since this course will not be a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse exposition of Romans, we will be using a commentary by John Stott to help participants to engage with the subject. We hope that this course will help underscore the basics of the Gospel, seen throughout the Bible. At the same time, we hope for this to be an opportunity to learn Biblical study skills. 

The cost is €600 per person, with a deposit of €150 which is refundable up until the 30th June. The cost includes your accommodation, meals and text book. The cost for attending one or more days of the conference can be provided. However, we recommend that you try to come for the full conference if possible, in order to get the most out of it. 

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